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Alesund’s unique setting


Alesund’s unique setting gives M.Y. DAYDREAM the possibility of reaching both the fjords and the coast, within short and sheltered cruising distances.

The Geirangerfjord is merely an arm of a great fjord system that starts south of Alesund, narrowing as it winds its way inland between mountains rising even higher. Along the way, you pass waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters and abandoned farms perched on mountain ledges.
Each of the two towns in the area is special, for very different reasons.

Alesund was destroyed by a huge fire in 1904. The town was rebuilt with characteristic spires, towers and ornamentation.
Today, Alesund is the world’s Art Nouveau town par excellence. The town is also known for its panorama which counts 222 mountain peaks, most of them covered by snow.

The town of Molde is well known for The Spectacular Atlantic Road, The Molde international Jazz Festival (visited by top and famous artists) and the mountain peaks of Molde Panorama. Following you will find a suggested 7 days itinerary.

This itinerary is a suggestion and is flexible. We can tailor this to each guest´s requirements.

Day 1 – Alesund

Arrive at Vigra Airport which is a short drive from the yacht’s base. After settling on board, take a short cruise to the town of Alesund. See the beautiful town and visit the exciting aquarium at the Atlantic Sea Park. Go back on board and enjoy some lobster on top deck.
Feel the characteristic fresh air, see the sunset and experience the marvellous Midnight Light.
It hardly gets dark at all.


Day 2 – The Fjords await you

Cruise around Sula Island, visit the stunning Hjorundfjord and drop the anchor at a charming little place called Oye.
This is where the old and famous Union Hotel is located.

In 1891, Europe’s aristocracy and upper classes were seeking new and exciting destinations with spectacular scenery. They found the Union Hotel at Oye, and the guest list is impressive: Queen Willemina of the Netherlands, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King Oscar II of Sweden/Norway, Queen Maud and King Haakon VII of Norway are just some of the Royals who enjoyed staying here.

The Union Hotel was refurbished and restored to its original style in 1989, and is now as she was in her heyday. The cuisine of the hotel is known for its use of high quality local produce. Here you will enjoy today’s fish from the fjord or meat from sheep or cattle from a farm nearby. A wide selection of wines complement the flavors from the fjord and valley.

Oye is an excellent starting point for a hike to the top of Slogen (1564 meters above sea level). From the top you have a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks, emerald green valleys and the magnificent fjords.

Day 3 – A trip on the Glacier

Wake up in the quiet and spectacular surroundings of Oye. If you want some action, the owner of Daydream suggest a helicopter to the glacier called Jostedalsbreen, or to Stryn where you can go summer skiing. After a wonderful day on the roof of Norway, fly back to Daydream which now is located at charming Hellesylt. Here you can go fishing. Try your luck at salmon fishing in the river close by, or go in the tender to try to get some cod. Our wonderful chef will be delighted to prepare this for you!

If you want some action, but prefer not to take the helicopter, you are in the right place.
The Cinclus Park in Hellesylt offers activities such as rafting, canyoning, canoeing, rock climbing, rap-
pelling, crossing the river on ropes, most activities for children from 10 – 99!

You will sleep well the night after!

Day 4 – Geiranger

Cruising the Geirangerfjord shows spectacular waterfalls as well as fjord and mountain farms. Get dropped off by boat and go hiking steep up to the Skageflaa Fjord Farm. Enjoy the stunning view, the homemade waffels and some exciting local stories from your guide. UNESCO placed Geirangerfjord on its World heritage list in 2005. The pioneering mountaineers Patchell and Slingsby found their paradise in this area. After this tour, you will understand why…


Day 5 – Fishing in Valldal

Visit more of the fj ords and have lunch on board while cruising from Geiranger to valldal.
If you did not do the rafting or fi shing on day 3, you have the opportunity again now. valldal is a perfect spot for both. We further recommend a visit to the spectacular eco-friendly Juvet hotel, (which is located in lush woods), or to take a trip by car to the spectacular, steep and narrow path called Trollstigen.

In the afternoon you just have to go and pick the sweetest strawberries for dessert, you will fi nd them in valldal.

Day 6 – Sail The Storfjord to Bud

The next morning you should cruise from Valldal to the Vigrafjord. If you are ready for some fun, we highly recommend to be picked up by a superfast 36 foot rib. The rib will take you for a Wild Sea Safari to the Ona Lighthouse and the Island of Runde. This island is well known for its teeming bird-life; the Lunde-bird lives happily here.

Far out on the Romsdal coast, with Hustadvika as its nearest neighbor, you will find the beautiful fishing Village of Bud. In the Middle Ages this was the main trading place between Bergen and Trondheim.

Enjoy self-caught fish for dinner, or have the chef prepare a traditional Norwegian dish; The Bacalao!

Daydream will stay overnight in the beautiful and charming small harbor.


Day 7 – Cruise from Bud to the town of Molde

After breakfast, cruise towards Molde. Its nick-name is “the town of roses “, you will soon find out why. The famous Molde International Jazz Festival is a great attraction. This year it takes place from July 14th – 19th, and it will be the 53nd edition. The town is turned upside down this week and there is a buzz in the streets. If you are interested, you should stay for one more night! At the shopping-center Molde Torget you will find some modern shopping. They have 42 shops, but if you are looking for souvernirs, the most famous thing to buy is knitted sweaters and reindeer skins.

While the ladies do the town, the men may choose to do some sightseeing. Drive the Atlanterhavsvegen and explore one of the most spectacular bridges you ever saw. And if you did not see her on your way from Alesund, you will most likely meet The ferry Hurtigruten, she passes through Molde several times a week.

The seven day cruise comes to an end. Leave for home from Molde Airport.